Arriving in Seattle

This morning we woke up and there was fog covering everything outside and you couldn’t see ten feet in front of you. Because of that we decided to go right to Seattle.

Driving was a little scary because of all of the fog. We stopped at a laundromat and did our laundry.

Then it was time for lunch we got out what we thought was PBJ&C. Actually though, it was just peanut butter on bread with Cheetos. Luckily, we had pretzels and cookies which made lunch better.

When we arrived in Seattle our first stop was Pike Street Market. We are going on a tour today so I can’t say much but all I can see it there is an indefatigable amount of food and other things.

Then we walked past the Space Needle and the Chihuly Museum. Then it started raining so we got some donuts and relaxed for a little bit.

When we went back to the hotel we went to wine hour.

Then, for dinner we ordered in Greek Food and it was delicious.

Sorry for another late post.

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