The day I saw my first drag show

This morning we went to a new donut shop. It was called blue star. We had six different kinds of donuts. This was the first time I finished all my donuts. After breakfast we walked around a bit and went back to the hotel to get the car. We drove to Washington Park which is a place where they make new kinds of roses. As we were walking we saw a bunch of people sitting around a grassy area with a band setting up so we sat down. We listened to the DJ for a bit before having sandwiches for lunch then the show started. First was a band that played a few songs and then they gave out scholarships to about 20 people who want to work with LGBTQ. After that they thanked the sponsors. Then there were a bunch of people lipsyncing while dancing . IT WAS AWESOME. Then the dances came. We saw this one group dance where they all danced in sync. After that we went to Salt and Straw. If you ever go oh Portland you must go to Salt and Straw. It has the best ice cream ever. I had a mix of caramal and chocolate. Then we had wine hour and then had dinner at tacos and tequilla. Tequella beatmy mom up when she was a kid. I bet you can guess what we had. Tequilla infused tacos. They were good. We are right now sitting by the fire in PJs. RIDDLE TIME Your riddle for today is: I can be a liquid or solid and I will melt in your mouth. What am I?

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