The day I had 2 dollar biscuits and gravy

Today started with some awesome entertainment. Well it really is not that funny it is more entertaining. We have become friends with this guy who is also staying at the lodge. This morning we got down to the front desk and saw him. He told is that last night at 1:30 in the morning they gave someone keys to his room and they walked in on him sleeping. I would not suggest going to the Crater lake lodge. Then we drove to a small town were we walked around. As we were getting back in the car. We saw a small restaurant. We talked about about how it had two dollar biscuits and gravy. A man walked by and told us we had to get them. So using common sense, we did. They were good. Then we headed out. Next we went to a winery. boring. All I got out of it was a bag of crackers. Then we went to yet another one. At this one we got to play a game at least. Then we hit the road because we did not want to miss wine hour. For dinner we had a real meal witch was great. After that we went to Powell’s book store it was the largest used book store. I did get one book that I am planning on reading in the car. It’s called the Stonewall Riot.

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  1. Ellie, can I borrow that book when you’re done with it? It’s an inspiring and fascinating story.

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