The day I had a game showdown

Today when I got my sister and I watched a movie and then some parks and rec well my parents had coffee in the great lounge. My sister and I eventually went down and because it was ligit hailing and snowing. So as a family we decided that instead of hiking today we were going to do a Altamit game showdown.

Game 1 Monopoly deal the card version of Monopoly. It took us about 10 minutes to play and by the end my mom was the one who took home the first win. Good job Mom! I would rate this 5/5

Game two sevens a quick one with not much stradige. This is also a card game. This game takes us about 5 minutes. Another good victory to mom! I would rate this one 3/5.

Game three Clue this game you have probably heard of it is a game were you find out were someone did a murder and with what. Yet again my mom took home the win! I would rate this game 4/5.

Game 4 sorry in this game you have to get all of your guys in to home well making sure that other people do not. I have all ways been a pro at this game(thanks to BASE!!) So that is why it was not surprising when I won. I would rate this game 5/5.

Game 5 Ticket to ride we have to board game version the this game at home so playing it on our phones was going to have to do my dad and I were the only ones with it so me and him faced off my dad beat me big time and we left our phones with Zoe and my mom we made pb j and c in the room. My mom ended up winning and then she again beat my dad. Another good win for my Mom! I would rate this game 5/5.

Game 6 scrabble I had never played this game before today so it was clear when everyone had over one hundred more points then me and I am happy to say my dad took home the win. I would rate this 3/5.

Game 7 Monopoly Jr party edition . I don’t really know what to say about this it was very fast and let’s just say I failed and only had the “piret party”. Good job to Zoe!! I would rate this 2/5.

Game 8 Yahtzee I have always loved game with dice so it was no surprise when I almost won. I came in second and my dad won this one. Good job dad!! I would rate this 4/5

Game 9 life I was so happy to be aloud to be the director of this game I love telling people what to do in a game. Although I don’t win I still had fun and am happy for my mom who won again!! I would rate it 5/5.

Game 10 Racko a card game that helps you count. I have to say I thought my dad was going to win and sing his famouse Zako got a Racko song. But once again my mom won.

Game 11 the final game Twister. Me vs my dad first unfortunately I put my foot down so I was out. Next my mom vs Zoe. Zoe did not know the difference between right and left so was out because she keeps moving the wrong thing and some how my mom was out becuse she was embarrassed with all the people looking at her. Zoe vs Dad. Guess who won my dad shocker by good job to.

Over all scoring-

My mom won

– Monoply deal

– Sevens

– Clue

– Ticket to ride

– life

– Racko

My dad won

– Scrabble

– Yahtzee

– Twister

I won

– Sorry

Zoe won

– Monopoly Jr party

As you can see my mom clearly won and my dad came in second with me and Zoe tieing for last. Great job to everyone esesly mom!! RIDDLE TIME my bad I did have internet access yesterday so no shootouts. Your riddle for today is I am hard to get to at the end of June and might explode on you. What am I.

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