Day 21: Crater Lake Lodge

I did go outside today. A couple of times. To take pictures of the falling snow. And once because I was getting a little stir crazy. I guess you could call it a rest day.

I woke up at six this morning and opened the bathroom drape to an audible, “Ohhhh!” The huge Crater Lake that had been outside our window last night as the sun set had completely disappeared. It had vanished over night. And it was snowing. Legit, late December-like fluffy flakes. Now sat thick dark grey fog where the lake had been last night. This was not what I expected to wake up to in late June.

Zak and threw on a few layers and headed to the lounge for a little coffee date. An hour later than promised, a large vat of coffee arrived. We marveled at the sun trying to get through the clouds to the lake, drank the coffee, and made chit chat with other lodge stayers.

Eventually the girls joined us and we had a little family pow wow. The road around the lake is closed and our plan was to hike a few miles on the portion of the road that is plowed, yet still closed to traffic. This didn’t really thrill any of us as hiking on pavement isn’t all that thrilling. The snow was falling heavier and everyone who came into the building was covered, head to toe, in winter gear, the kind of gear we don’t really have with us. I mean we have hats, gloves, and can add layer upon layer, but everyone else here had full on snow pants, ski masks, and the heavy Canada Goose coats. We don’t have that level of warmth with us. Except! Except in the cozy lounge around the fireplace. That was it. We decided to stay put and have a full on, polar vortex inside day. We stole the idea of a game tournament from our friends, the Ottenhoffs, and put on our best game faces.

And that’s how we spent the day. Playing board games. We played each one just one time, winner gets a point. I’m sure the others will write about it, and I don’t want to boast and brag, but overall I did pretty well.

It ended up being a magical day. We laughed so hard we were all in tears. We snacked on goldfish crackers and pbj&c. We emptied cans of wine and Sanpellegrino. We entertained others. (See description of Twister.) We had a good, wholesome day, with no internet or wifi, just playing games as a family. The occasional peek out the windows at the snow falling and the lovely lake, made the day that much more enjoyable.

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