It Was A Good Day

Then we played bones, and I’m yellin’: “Domino!”

Ice Cube

We woke up to a fresh blanket of snow on the ground this morning. And 30 degree temperatures. And so much fog we couldn’t see the lake. Molly and I headed down to the Great Lounge at 6:30 for the coffee. Molly was brave enough to go outside to snap a quick picture of the foggy, snowy lake and I found a couple cozy seats by the window. The actual coffee didn’t arrive until nearly 7:30, but I guess that was to be expected. Good hospitality isn’t a strength of the Crater Lake Lodge.

The coffee did arrive hot though and we sipped more than our fair of cups until it finally disappeared around 9. It was even pretty good. Eventually the girls joined us and we pow-wowed about how how to spend the day. We’d planned on hiking, but it was still snowing and sleeting pretty steadily. Anyone who was brave enough to go outside wore winter gear including ski caps and gloves. It was warm inside and there was still coffee so we changed plans again. Hiking would need to wait for another day, today was going to be a game day.

Our firends the Ottenhoffs spend each New Year’s Day playing an all-day game marathon that we decided to recrate to the best of our abillity here at Crater Lake. The front desk has an indefatiguable supply of games and we brought several ourselves. Ellie created a score sheet to keep track of the winner of each and the contest was on.

Molly took an early 3-0-0-0 lead by claiming victory in Monoply Deal, Sevens, and Clue. Next up was my best, and possibly only chance at victory – Scrabble. Zoe and Molly kept the game close, but I was able to cling to victory with some well placed small words to tally a point for me. By this point in the day we were all ready fore some PBJ&C so we took turns heading back to the room to stretch our legs, make sandwiches, and eat.

As the lunching was happening we played a Ticket To Ride tournement digitally. I beat Ellie, and Molly beat Zoe in the prelims. I really thought I had a chance to talley my second point of the day, but Molly beat me with some long stretch of track and I was unable to overcome her with my route points. The score was now 4-1-0-0.

Next up was Sorry!, a game that Ellie has always dominated in our family and she once again claimed victory to score her first point. We dug deep in the game stack to pull out a copy of Monoply Jr Party Edition. Zoe claimed her first (and only) win of the day. In fact, she partied so hard that at one point the party police fined her 3 million dollars for having too much fun.

I added another win in a closely fought game of Yahtzee, and Molly piled on with wins in Life and Racko. Score: 6-2-1-1. With all of us feeling like we should take some time to rest and blog before tonight’s dinner we packed up and began heading to the room. As we passed through the lobby we realilzed there was one last game we needed to play: Twister.

Molly was hesitant since she had a lead, but was goaded into playing on more time. We set up a bracket. Ellie got the 1 seed and I got the 4, so we’d face off first. Molly, the 2 seed, and Zoe would face off next and the two winners would face-off for the final point of the day. We grabbed the game and found some floor space in the lobby. People began to gather to gawk and take pictures. Ellie and I prepared for battle.

I really didn’t think I’d have any chance of beating her, but for some reason the Twister gods were on my side today. Ellie made some movements that put her in a difficult position and she was unable to contort her right hand to red giving me the upset victory. Molly lost to Zoe pretty easily. I’m not sure if it was an actual loss, the wine she’d been drinking all day threw her off balance, or if the embaresment of the crowd cheering her on caused her loss, but in any case the final was set. Zak v Zoe for the final point of the day.,

Again, I was the underdog, but I had a secret weapon up my sleeve. I know the difference between my right and left. After Zoe twice moved the wrong limb I was able to convince the judges to give me the win. Yes, I was happy with my Scrabble win, but that was pretty expected. Winning Twister, in the lobby of the Crater Lake Lodge, may be one of my proudest accomplishements of RTXIX.

For the Championship

Molly still claimed the day by a score of 6-3-1-1, so congratulations (and a sticker in the journal) are in order for her. It may not have been the day we expected, but it was certainly fun. Hopefully dinner tonight will be the perfect way to finish the day. Tomorrow on to Portland!

Spotted at Crater Lake. Could this be the elusive snow plover? It does have a guilty look on its face.

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  1. First of all, you get one extra point in the game for the winningest blog word. And second, congrats to Molly on doing something no Molly/ie has ever done before and taking gold. I am inspired.

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