pour another round, last bottle in this river town

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

This is going to be a brief one. We spent the day in the Grant’s Pass/Medford area of Oregon. We took care of a bunch of road trip errands (yes, Mollie, even laundry!).

The most notable thing that happend was Ellie’s haircut, but I wasn’t there for that so I’m going to let her tell that story. Zoe and I hung out at a below average brewery and played Scrabble while she got the cut. The Scrabble game was good, the beer was not.

We cleaned the car, repacked some bags, paid a few bills. The girls swam. We made microwave mac & cheese from Trader Joe’s, a luxory for us since we don’t have a microwave at home.

Tomorow we’ll move on. The reports about hiking we’ve heard out of Crater Lake aren’t good. Closed trails and snow seem to dominate when we ask anyone about how it is there. I’m pretty determined to find a way to hike a bit once we get there.

Now it’s time for one last whiskey and bed.

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