The day I shaved off my hair

I bet you want to learn more about my title, but that did not happen till 1:00 so you will have to wait. Today I got up at 8:15. It was the best I have slept all trip. Ten full hours! Awesome sauce right? I had biscuit and gravy with bacon and a muffin. Then we drove Grant’s Pass. We walked around the whole town then we went to a little breawry but I did not stay long because it was time to get my hair cut. My mom walked with me to the barber. You might know that I had a half shave but recently a lot of people have been assuming I am a boy and calling my sir or him and he. It has really been anoying me so I got my hair cut even more. It is shaved up higher and in the back and on the other side. So now I look a bit more like a girl. Anyway after that we had lunch and I had a pulled pork sandwich. Then we went swimming and had microwave mac and cheese in the room for dinner. More than riddle stuff tomorrow.

One thought on “The day I shaved off my hair

  1. Ellie, I love your cool looking hair cut. Sorry people think you are a boy. It seems like it is a lot cooler on your hot hikes. 💇

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