The day I went in a cave

Today when I got up there was really no rush. We grabbed some Holiday inn Express then hit the road. We had a three-hour drive to Oregon Caves. When we got there my mom decided she would rather go hike by herself then go in the cave. She claims “she does not like caves”. Oh that Mom and her natural formations. My sister, dad, and I still went. We were with Ranger Danielle. She seemed to know her way around the cave. So it all worked out in the end. We got to see all types of cave formations such as stalagmites, stalactites, and cave popcorn. We also got to go up a lot and for a long time. We saw a room full of squid looking things where someone farted. There are some stairs but for the rest of the time we were walking on concrete. We saw some signatures from 1818 and also where people had broken off stalactites to take to home. Did you know it takes a thousand years for a stalagmite to grow just one inch. There was one person on our tour that was very yelly, but once you got over that it was pretty cool. We walked through some doors. They were heavy. I would rate the whole tour a 7 out of 10 so pretty darn good if you ask me but not as good as the whatever happened to the pizza McDonald’s game that got a 10 out of 10. After the tour we hiked back down to 4000 ft(I do not know what we were at). After that I became a Jr ranger. We hit the road for the half hour drive to a brewery were I finished my fifth friendship bracelet. We stopped at a brewery my parents had a beer and we all shared some mozzarella sticks. Then we drove and stoped at another brewery and winery. We played many card games such as sevens, go fish, euchre, and then Bull S***. We finished of the day right with some In n out thanks to Ms. Lockie. RIDDLE TIME No one got yesterday’s riddle right but I had good guesses from Ms. Lockie and Auntie Michelle. The correct answer is Redwoods because so many cars are broken into. The riddle for today is: What’s brown and sticky? Please don’t be gross. Write your answer on our blog and find out tommorow.

4 thoughts on “The day I went in a cave

  1. Ha! Redwoods is a funny answer to the riddle, but really sad, too. I think I agree with your grandma about today’s riddle – tree sap. I can think of a lot of gross things, too. 🙂

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