Should’ve Said No

You should’ve said no, you should’ve gone home
You should’ve thought twice before you let it all go

Taylor Swift

As I’ve explained here previously, we very intentially skipped San Francisco this trip. Not only did we not want a repeat of RTXVII, we didn’t even want to be in the city where it happened. We thought if we just went further North it would be OK, but we learned today that we should’ve said no to the entire North Coast of California.

Our main task for the day was to visit the Redwoods National Park Visitor Center to get a backpacking permit for tomorrow. We arrived right on time and told the ranger what we were looking for. She responded by handing us a binder of rules and information to look through while she started working on the paperwork. One of the very first items, in red print, was a note that there were lots of break-ins to cars parked at the trailhead. We pressed her for more information and she informed us that there were indeed plenty of burlguries, but that if we’d like we could park at an alternate starting location behind a locked gate where there were fewer break-ins. We accepted this proposal and finished the paperwork.

Then, we got back in the car and very quickly decided that we weren’t going to backpacking here in Redwoods. We drove to yet another trailhead, the one for the Lady Bird Johnson Grove and were met by another sign warning us to lock our cars and take valuables with us. This reaffirmed our decision and also made us paranoid about even taking this 1.5 mile stroll through the woods.

We braved it, and did get to walk through some old growth Redwood forest. They were pretty big, I guess. I feel like I’ve seen bigger though. Luckily when we got back to Fred he was still fully intact. We spent the next half hour replanning the next couple days. We’ll be passing near Oregon Caves NM tomorrow and had planned on bypassing it completely since Molly doesn’t like caves. However, there aren’t a lot of other options and it looks like the day after we’ll be holed up in Grant’s Pass for a day before moving on to Crater Lake. Hopefully we’ll find somewhere for a bit of a hike.

I’m kind of paranoid about the entire region now, though. Eureka, Arcata, Mikinleyville, the beach, and Redwoods all seem to be crawling with potential car break-iners. I think it’s the trees that are responsible. Somehow they’re manipulating peoples minds as retribution for the massive deforestation humans engineered in the mid 19th century. These trees are old, and they don’t forget. I think they may have gotten into my mind as well. As we were walking through them I started to feel their evil influence. I even suggested that perhaps we should break into some cars as a preventative measure to ours being broken into.

Since we were finished hiking before noon today we needed a way to fill the rest of the afternoon. We filled it with beer. Somehow we managed to visit three breweries today. We were able to see Fred from our seats at the first two. At the third, midway though dinner Molly started getting bad vibes and we were tempted to go check on Fred, but we made it through the meal.

We asked ourselves several times today if we were overreacting. We might have been. We probably have some PTSD about the whole 2017 thing. The numerous warnings in Redwoods made us decide that the decisions we’ve made are probably the most prudent course of action though, so we’ll go with it. Hopefully we’ll be able to get back on the trail soon.

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  1. I fully understand your fear of leaving “Fred.” I am glad everything turned out well. Glad you were rewarded with beer. What do the girls like to drink on your trips? Just wondering.

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