A Little Bit of Everything

It’s not some message written in the dark,
Or some truth that no one’s seen,
It’s a little bit of everything.


For a day with no plan we managed to pack in an awful lot! In fact it was so much that I’m really not sure where to start, so I think I’ll do this top 10 style.

10. Driving for 3.5 hours: This was the worst part of the day. Not that 3.5 hours was bad, in fact that’s a shortish day in the car. The issue was the road. It was typical mountain road. That is, steep and winding nearly the entire 3.5 hours. A big thank you to Molly for taking the bullet of riding so that I wouldn’t have to be the one who threw up. It was so bad that we stopped several times just to let everyone’s stomaches settle.

9. Red Bluff Farmer’s Market: The other low of the day. Highlights included the Jahovah’s Witnesses and several pyramid schemes. We were hoping to find some fruit to snack on, but the farmers who were there only had veggies.

8. Eurka, CA: Cute shops, but kind of weird area. I think maybe I just wasn’t prepared for it. Perhaps some day we’ll give it another try.

7. Trinidad, CA lighthouse: As I’m writing this I have no internet access so I can’t link it for you, but do yourself a favor and look up the fascinating story of moving the Trinidad lighthouse. We got to see it in it’s new (temporary) location.

6. Hiking to the beach: After arriving in McKinnelyville we were all anxious to actually see the ocean. We dropped off our bags, got into some warmer clothes and headed up the coast. We didn’t have a destination in mind so we just looked for the first opportunity to be on the beach. We actually ended up stopping at a couple. There was a bit of a hike at each stop, so we’ll count it as a bit of a hiking day. Ellie was shocked to learn the water would be cold and that swimsuits weren’t even an option. Somehow she managed to trick Molly into “putting in a toe” and then getting hit by a wave up to her knee. There were tons of broken sand dollars and shells. There were also crab parts everywhere. Loose legs, claws, and bodies littering the beach. Molly is sure that they fell apart naturally, but I find that possibility terrifying. If a crab can just fall apart, what’s holding me together? We also got to see the habitat of the snowy plover. I don’t think we saw any actual snowy plovers, but there were several birds in the area so I can’t be certain.

Plover? Perhaps.

5. California Costal National Monument: I didn’t even know this existed until I read a sign informing me I was in it. Bonus NPS site!

4. Lunch at Mamma Llama in Weaverville, CA: One of the goals for the day was to find a cute spot for lunch in a small town. Mamma Llama came through! I had an awesome sandwich with turkey, green chilies, avocado, bacon, tomato, and other things I can’t recall with hand cut fries. Somehow I even managed to keep it down for the last hour and a half of the drive.

3. Bigfoot museum: Another totally unanticipated stop. You’ve probably seen the video of Bigfoot walking through a clearing and then turning toward the camera. If not go to YouTube now. As we pulled into Willow Creek we noticed Bigfoot statues, murals, and signs EVERYWHERE. Then, we passed the Bigfoot museum, hit the brakes, did a U-Turn and pulled into the Bigfoot museum parking lot. Molly pulled up their website and learned admission was free, so with no further hesitation we headed inside. The exhibits were remnisant of the Roswell, NM alien museum, but without the air of seriousness. Even the sign about the famed Bigfoot video acknowledged the controversy about it. The highlight for me was the Bigfoot diarama. Again, this is likely because of my nestalgea for the Roswell site. Diaramas of aliens featured prominently there, apparently it is the go-to museum exhibit when no actual artifacts are available.

2. Finding a triangle: for years I’ve been looking for a big-ass dinner triangle to hang by our front door. I’ve had dreams of not having to hunt the girls down when dinner is ready. Today my dream was fully realized at the Weaverville museum when I found the blacksmith forged beast I’ve been seeking. Thanks to Todd for providing one to fill in temporarily, but get ready 42 B and Friends. You’ll all be running to dinner soon.

1. Dinner on the coast: The final goal for the day was to find a place for a picnic dinner on the coast. We struck out at several places that we deemed too sandy, too windy, or too cold. Finally, ready to admit defeat we decided to head back to the hotel. Our last ditch effort was to drive along the “Scenic Road” rather than the highway. The Scenic Road is beautiful, but also terrifying. It is one lane in many places despite traffic being allowed in both directions. There is a 100 foot drop off continually on one side, and as we stopped we were greeted by a sign informing us that the road is actively falling into the ocean, but not to be concerned since this is a natural process. When we do leave this spot later tonight we have a few miles to go on it, so if you never read this you’ll know why. We did find the perfect spot for dinner though. We’re currently on a cliff overlooking a rock filled bay. The sun is setting over the Pacific and we’re dining on Trader Joe’s cheese, meat, guac, and salsa. There couldn’t have been a more perfect ending to this crazy day.

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  1. Google map image=perfecto. Makes me feel sick to look at it! Am surprised, since old navy is laundry-related, it didn’t make your top ten list 🙂

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