6 Month Frenzy

6 Month Frenzy

About a week ago we hit the six-months-to-go mark! There’s always a bit of excitement in knowing that we’re over half-way through the year and that the next departure is closer than the last. This year I was able to get our initial plans and reservations made pretty early, so it’s been a couple months since I’ve really studied the spreadsheet. However, most NPS sites open reservations for ranger-led activities and camping exactly six months to the day ahead of time. This means that I now have near daily reservations to make and plans to update for the next six weeks as dates in June and July open up one after another.

Since we’re now about a week in I’ve been able to make two reservations so far. The first is for the Slaughter Canyon Cave tour at Carlsbad Caverns NP. We’ve done several caves over over the last two years and it’s been interesting to me to see how diverse the different caves are. Each one has its own unique formations (or lack thereof), shape, entrances, lighting, and more. Molly, however, has indicated that she’s seen enough caves to last her for a while. I’m hoping that this particular tour will shake things up a bit since it promises to be more of a true “caving” experience than some of the other. I think she’ll also appreciate that it’s BYOB. We’ll just avoid telling her that the last B is for batteries until right before we enter.

This morning I also made our first camping reservation of the summer for two nights at Bonita Canyon in Chiricahua NM. I love this time of year since each day brings a new road trip related task or tidbit of necessary research!

One thought on “6 Month Frenzy

  1. All of that sounds good, Zack!
    In light of today’s score, there is great merit is such forward-looking thought. As I’m sure Aaron R. is thinking today, there’s no point in looking back. . . .
    From your Carolina Cousins.

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