After school on Friday we took off for Toledo. In the car Ellie was her usual self, annoying. I entertained myself on my phone with Calm Fall, Subway Surfers and Stack. Also I did Homework that was hard and consisted of ratios, Ancient Egyptians and Reading a book called The Dark is Rising. The drive wasn’t too long only 4-ish hours. For dinner we had Zak’s Delicious Sandwiches. On mine I had provolone, turkey, dijon mustard, and lettuce. When we got to the hotel Ellie and Dad went looking for beer because she was in a very giddy mood and mom and I played on our phones and watched Impractical Jokers. When they got back from I think the circle-K we went to bed.

When I woke up I was sent down to get coffee for my mom. I got ready in warm clothes and went down to eat breakfast. After breakfast we went to Gordon Square. First, we went to a Pinball machine place. I wasn’t very good but I liked The Subway the best. For lunch we went to the XYZ Tavern. There was only a table for two so Ellie and I got our own table and my parents sat at the bar. I could’ve been very fun but Ellie had to be in a bad mood. I got eggs benedict with canadian bacon and hollandaise sauce. It was very delicious. After lunch we wandered around Gordon Square and we came on the right day they were having a Winter Festival. They had huge fire pits that we roasted S’mores in.

When we were all done we went to the Kimpton where we were warmly greeted by Abigail. She got us a Suite. Ellie and I got the living room and my parents got the bedroom.We went down to Wine hour and saw lot’s of Packers fans. For dinner we went to Great Lakes Brewery where Ellie and I got the whole room of Packers fans to play Heads Up. The food was just eh but Mitchell’s, definitely paid up for it. I got Cookie Dough ice cream.

The next morning we got hot chocolate and watched a bunch of Packer’s fans walk by from the window, Ellie got a thumbs up because she was wearing Packers stuff. We eventually started the mile-walk towards the stadium. When we got it was probably a 2:1 ratio of Packers fans to Browns fans. It was a very tense game. The Packers won in over time 26 to 21.

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