Partner Post

Partner Post

Hello, we are Zoe and Ellie Knott reporting from Louisville Kentucky on Thursday, July 13, 2017 at 7:15 p.m.. We have some very important information to share: IT WAS BORING. We started the day with our parents waking us ap at 8:01 can you believe that? That was boring because we has to shower when we could have been having a delightful dream. We had a boring breakfast of clid bars and pop tarts. We spent the whole day standing up. We went on a lot of whisky tours. And it was boring in Ellie’s opinion. Zoe thought that in was actually fun. There was a lot of colorful and interesting glass art. We saw the art on the first out of three tours. Does favorite was the sunshine tree and Ellie liked the one on the ceiling. In Ellie’s opinion the day was miserable and awful. When our parents did the tastings we got to eat chocolates. This in Ellie’s opinion was the worst tour because it was the longest one. That was Zoe’s favorite one because it was very pretty.

The second one was Ellie’s favorite because it had lollipops. The distillery was not actully here so we just saw models. This tour was a lot colder than the Maker’s  Mark which was nice in 100+ weather. 

The third tour wasn’t really a tour it was just my mom and dad tasting while Zoe and I played Exploding Kittens. We got water at this one. 

Then wemwalked around Louisville. We went to the Louisville Slugger and a restaurant where we had a beer cheese appetizer. We are now waiting for dinner.

One thought on “Partner Post

  1. Dear Zoe & Ellie,
    I’m sorry to hear it was such a boring day, but I promise you won’t be bored at the shrimp boil this year! I know Kate, Rachel & Maxx are looking forward to seeing you soon!

    Zoe – are you bringing coasters? I want to make sure I have money to pay you!

    See you soon,
    Pam & Clarence

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