Day 5: Bourbon Day

Day 5: Bourbon Day

15 years ago, when I was the mere age of 21, we got married. We we’re so very young, but it was so the right decision for us. The best part of our marriage is that we’ve allowed one another to grow as individuals, but have continuously grown stronger as a couple. I think that’s our secret. I’m me. He’s him. But we’re us. Together we make a pretty remarkable parenting team, if I shall say so myself. Without question, Zoe and Ellie are our great accomplishments. The last 15 years have been filled with so much laughter, adventure, and successes that it is impossible to not be excited for all the future years.

It is odd to spend a milestone anniversary with your kids, but we had a great a day. Additionally, I gave them a warning yesterday that today was about us. They get 364 days of the year and we get today. We didn’t have expectations of them having fun today, but they were not given the option of having anything but a positive attitude.

I woke up this morning not liking bourbon. I’ve had my share of sips from Zak’s drinks throughout the years, but you are much more likely to find me with a glass of wine or a beer. I even texted my mom (Happy Birthday, Mom!) this morning that I don’t like it. Today was monumental. I’m going to sleep as a bourbon fan.

We started our tours at Maker’s Mark. We have been ambassadors for seven years and our personalized barrel was finally ready. Prior to the tour, as we were getting our bourbon infused coffee, we started chatting with a man. He later introduced himself as Bill Samuels Jr., the now retired CEO of Maker’s. He was so friendly, funny, and kind to the girls. We had a very nice tour and learned a lot about all the rules of bourbon. The grounds were beautiful, especially the special Chihily glass exhibit. I’ll be honest here. I didn’t care for any of the tasting samples. I sipped a bit, but just didn’t care for any of them, even the super fancy, crazy expensive ones. It was really fun to dip our bottle in the iconic red wax though!

Our next tour was the Bulleit Distillery, a really historical piece of property, and a fascinating story. The tour was short and much more intimate. When we got to that tasting, I found myself finishing my samples and wishing there was more. There was an actual moment when I thought to myself, “I’m a bourbon drinker now.”

We wrapped up the touring at the Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse. The girls were happy this one didn’t include a tour. Again, I was pretty pleased with the bourbon we tried.

My dad had suggested we go to the Louisville Slugger place, but it didn’t seem up our alley once we got there, so we just checked out the gift shop. Instead of going to the museum and factory, we found a bar with cold brews, exactly what we needed to wash down the bourbon and cool down after being in the 90+ degree weather all day.

For dinner we went to Red Hog, a butcher shop and eatery a bit outside of downtown. Delish! This one had 17 signs of a hipster restaurant and reminded us a lot of Kerouac’s in Baker, Nevada. My mom mentioned something to me today that I keep writing about how every meal is one of the best I’ve ever had. I wouldn’t go that far, but the food is what defines the different parts of the country. It is also at these meals, over the plates, across the tables, that we bond most as a family. It’s where we tell the girls stories of our earlier days, we talk about the roses and thorns of each day, we count all the signs of hipster restaurants. The meals, the food, the beverages, the atmosphere, the servers all matter so much in the story of our travels.

It was a brilliant day to celebrate the milestone we seamlessly reached.

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One thought on “Day 5: Bourbon Day

  1. Hi Guys. I hope you had a very nice anniversary. I loved your post today because indeed, 15 years of marriage is a milestone. One day the girls will appreciate that for themselves.
    It was bery interesting to put your post next to the girls post and see the different perspective the girls had. It made me LOL.
    I love all those wax things. They were really cool. But, I especially loved that you were able to wax the tops of your Bourbon bottles.
    All in all I think it was a great way to spend your anniversary. Happy anniversary Zac and Molly.
    Blessings on your travels,
    Joanie K. (Jk)

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